Directions By Bus

Talk Back is on one of the main bus routes from Nottingham to Beeston.

There are 2 Nottingham City Transport buses No.13 and No.14 (Maroon Line). Both buses leave Nottingham from the Beast Market Hill stop in the old Market Square. Get off the bus at Mecca So Much More (Hawthorne Grove) and walk back 200 yards to the Texaco garage. We share a common entrance with the garage and Talkback entrance is behind the garage. You will see our signage on the garage forecourt.

Buses run about every 15 minutes up to 6.30pm and then it every 30 minutes until 10pm

For bus timetables to Talkback on the number 13 and 14 buses click the link to Nottingham City Transport information Route 13 and Route 14